In Memoriam
Tributes to our classmates, personal memories and/or recollections of how they touched your life may be left here.

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Thomas Accetta

Greg McCann - October 12th, 2016
Tom was my best friend growing up until he passed. A brilliant guy, great wit, dedicated athlete, and an amazing friend. I still think about him. Greg McCann

David Anstadt

William J. Courtney III - February 24th, 2024
Dave was good guy, can’t remember him ever being nothing but. Good lineman on a good team, very tough, didn’t screw around. He’ll be missed sorely.
Bob Milie - September 9th, 2017

You are missed and remembered with a smile.

Bob Milie

Arthur Babuscio

paul ullrich - July 24th, 2017
We miss you. Much Love

Billie Fichera (Betzhold)

Birth Date: 1959-09-20
Deceased Date: 2021-06-16
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Clifton Bulette

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Brian Cecchini

Birth Date: 1959-10-09
Deceased Date: 2014-12-09
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Thomas Cochrane

Bill Courtney - February 24th, 2024
It was hard to hear Tom had passed. Waldo was a great guy, fun to be around. I remember him always getting nose bleeds in summer football, 3 a days. Never said a word, front of his white practice jersey covered with blood. Coaches would just look at him ask,him about it. No problem coach, it always happens. Tom was a all around good guy who will be missed.
Cyndee Cochrane Sturtevant - April 24th, 2012
"This is the man I am going to marry, i told a friend after our first date in September 1975". Six years later, after Tom graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College in Easton, PA, that dream came true. Tom had a job with International Paper Co and we settled in Middlebury, Vermont. IP took us to Woolrich, PA and on to Wilton, Maine. We were blessed with four children: Maria, Gretchen, Tommy and Ian. Tom coached baseball, soccer, anything for the kids!  On his 40th birthday, Tom "retired" from IP to pursue his dream of becoming a UCC minister. He attended Bangor Theological Seminary and served as Interim Minister in Rangeley Maine. Tom had a special gift for making every person he met feel that he had been waiting there, just for them. I take JOY that i had  the privilege of walking beside Tom for 27 years. 

Cynthia Colver

Chuck, Gayle & Terry Colver - July 12th, 2012
Our sister Cynthia died from Leukemia in August before what would have been her senior year in high school. We remember her for her free spirit, her great determination and her love for her family and friends. She has made our lives better for having lived. In addition, our parents and some others who lost children to cancer, together with McDonald's and the Pittsburgh Steelers worked to create the Ronald McDonald House in Pittsburgh, whcih opened in 1979. The Ronald McDonald House provides a home for families of children with cancer and other serious illnesses who come to Pittsburgh for treatment at Children's Hospital. This wonderful facility in a way is Cynthia's legacy along with that of many other children lost to cancer.

One of Cynthia's favorite songs was "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor. Her life was short yet complete. She is an inspiration to her family and friends.

Thanks for remembering our sister! Our best to the MtL Class of 1977!

Ted Corcoran

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Missy Kozar (Cuddy)

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