What's What 1977

1977 - The first Apple computer goes on sale. Quebec adopts French as the official language. Jimmy Carter is elected as the President of the United States and the first oil flows through the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline. The precursor to the GPS system in use today is started by the US Department of Defense.

How Much Things Cost in 1977

Yearly Inflation Rate - USA - 6.5%
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average - 831
Interest Rates Year End - Federal Reserve - 7.75%

Average Cost of a New House - $49,300.00
Average Income per Year - $15,000.00
Average Monthly Rent - $240.00
Gallon of Gas - $0.65
First-Class Stamp - $0.13
A Loaf of Bread - $0.32
A Gallon of Milk - $1.44

Events in 1977

  • James Earl Carter was elected President of the United States - VP: Walter Mondale
  • President Carter grants pardon to American draft dogers of the Vietnam War period
  • Jimmy Carter warns that Americans need to make profound changes in their oil consumption
  • Bucharest Earthquake
  • Noble Peace Prize is awarded to Amnesty International

Popular Culture in 1977


  • Punk Rock Music Exploded with groups like the Ramones, Iggy Pop's, Clash, Elvis Costello, the Stranglers & the Sex Pistols
  • Billboard's #1 Hit Single - "Tonight's the Night" - Rod Stewart
  • Other Hit Songs: I just Want to Be Your Everything - Andy Gibb; Best of My Love - Emotions; Love Theme from "A Star Is Born" - Barbra Streisand; Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston; Higher & Higher - Rita Coolidge


  • Star Wars opens in cinemas & filmgoers line up for hours to see it
  • Other Popular Films: Rocky, Somkey & the Bandit, A Star Is Born, Saturday Night Fever - sparking the disco inferno & the popularity of movie soundtracks, King Kong, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Deep, Annie Hall


  • Laverne & Shirley
  • Happy Days
  • Three's Company
  • Charlie's Angels
  • 60 Minutes


  • World Series Champions - New York Yankees
  • Super Bowal Champions - Oakland Raiders
  • NBA Champions - Portland Trail Blazers
  • Stanley Cup Champions - Montreal Canadiens